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    Although school isn’t in session we wanted to make sure that all our students were able to access educational enrichment activities.  We know how important it is to continually read and practice math facts while school is out of session. We will continue to post on our facebook pages, Roaring Tilton, Tilton Upper – the journey continues and Tiger Tilton. Please join one of these or all, to keep up to date.  We also will have links and activities on our homepage for families.

    Grades 2-6 can log into their Google accounts and go to the library & technology Google Classroom.  Some of the activities to choose from include keyboarding. listening to folktale stories, code.org, math fact practice and more. 

    I hope you are all staying safe at home while we are out of school! While you are home, check out the Google Classroom activities I have placed in your grade 2-6 library & technology Google Classrooms. (Go to https://home.haverhill-ps.org/. Log in with your user name and password. Click on G Suite or the classroom icon. Open classroom and select library & Technology. ) There are many great ideas posted that will support your learning while not at school and also be fun to do. If you complete an activity in Classroom, send me a message and I will share it with the Tilton community. I would love to hear from you.

    Mrs. Ackerman

    Link to Tilton Library  resources https://tilton.haverhill-ps.org/library-media-center-resources/

    Grade 4 

    Families of 4th Grade Upper Students:

    Included in your packet of enrichment work, you will find activities, readings and questions from each content area. In math, we focused on the four operations, fractions, elapsed time and word problems. In ELA there are nonfiction and fiction passages with questions and prompts. For Social Studies, there are informational packets on two new regions of the USA. To address science, we have included work about sound energy. Daily- please READ as much as you can! ST Math, Xtra math and tons of other sites (in the included list) are free and ready to use! Please check your child’s Google Classroom as often as you are able to for updates, enrichment and the chance to send messages to your teacher to still feel connected to your school! This is the link- your child knows what to do! https://home.haverhill-ps.org/

    We miss you! Stay happy, stay healthy and keep learning! We hope to see you soon and chat with you via Google Classroom even sooner!

    Love, The 4th Grade Team 

    Grade 5: 

    Mrs. Pallaria and Miss Augustus have created folders for the students. These all include one book and a writing notebook with additional packets to support your Reading, Writing and Comprehension. There is an MCAS packet for Math and Science and some Daily Common Core, Reteaching Pages and Enrichment opportunities for Math. Please also look at the 5th Grade Google Classroom for additional activities and websites to use to support learning. Some websites we are using are https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-3-5.html , https://home.haverhill-ps.org/ to get to Pearson Easy Bridge, Google Classroom, https://play.prodigygame.com/ , https://xtramath.org/#/signin/student_other around others. We will be calling a few students daily to check in and stay connected. We look forward to continuing to communicate with students and parents over the next few weeks through email and ClassDojo in addition to the calls. 

    Grade 6:

     Hello Families,

    We want you to stay connected and continue to stretch your minds while school is out.  Ms. Spadaro and Ms. Duquette will be using Google classroom to stay connected and provide you with material to continue to stretch your minds.  We will post activities, assignments, games, and links for you in order to have access to many different types of content throughout these next few weeks.  Please check google classroom daily and try to complete some of the material we have put there for you. You all have access to Epic and we will be posting there as well.  Most of you already have your Math books at home and Ms. Spadaro will be adding guidelines to classroom for you in google classroom. We will also stay connected with families through Classtag.  Please feel free to send us messages as much as needed. We want you all to know that we are here for you and that everything will be ok. We believe!!

    With love and hope,

    Ms. Duquette    nduquette@hverhill-ps.org

    Ms. Spadaro      kerianne.spadaro@haverhill-ps.org

    From Mrs. Ricco and Mr. Rosa: 

     Art and Music have created a  Bingo sheet with art and music-related activities that students can complete at home. There is a  PDF of the bingo sheet available at packet pick up. In addition, we will both be starting YouTube channels where we will post interactive videos for the students. We will give you the links to these channels and they can be posted on the Facebook parent page.

    From your Counselor:

    Mrs. Arivella will be accessible via email (Megan.Arivella@haverhill-ps.org) and Instagram. If you or your child (only children and families of Tilton Upper) would like to be part of her daily safe, educational and interactive posts please send an invite to: tiltontigermrsa

    Check it out for healthy challenges, inspirational and motivating quotes and stories!

    The following websites and apps are great resources for health and wellness:






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